M/Y "Al Salamah"

Dear Mr. Latif,
Since many years, I experienced a lot of transits through the Suez Canal onboard various vessels and with the assistance of different agencies.
Since I started to call on your agency "Felix Maritime", the procedures have been much easier and the transits a re always relaxed and without and hassle.
I very much appreciate the perfect service of your staff and I am always feeling very comfortable when I see the friendly faces of yourself and your crew.
Many thanks to Waael, Toto and Said for their competent support and good Cooperation.

Capt. T.Burcks (Master)


M/Y "Montigne"

Nagib & Staff,

As always you are the name in the Suez Canal. Your Staff treat us the way we treat our guests & what a pleasant experience that is to have it reciprocated after a long summer season.
As we embark on our second transit on our second circumnavigation, I thank you all again for your kindness and assistance.

My Warmest Regards,
Martyn Walker(Captain)


S/Y "Starr Trail"

Dear Nagib,
Many thanks for your assistance with our transit of the Suez Canal, your staff were always friendly and efficient and from the moment we arrived in Port Suez, they did every thing possible to ensure a safe and quick passage.

Capt/ Blair Simmons


M/Y "Ambrosia"

The Captain and Crew of AMBROSIA thank you for sharing with us the wonder and beauty of Egypt. Your personal warmth, professional ethic, polished elegance, and (CAN DO) attitude set the standard for agents around the world. We depart with fondness and appreciation!

Commander Stan Antrim (Captain)


M/Y "Tatoosh"

Dear Nagib,
Thanks very much to you and all your staff at the FELIX Maritime Agency for making our first transit of the Suez Canal such a smooth one.
I look forward to seeing you again on the return trip and will highly recommend your agency to any one coming this way.

Capt/ David Broom


M/Y "Meduse"

Thank you Mr. Nagib Latif, of Felix Agency, for making our Suez transit as painless as can be. Our last minute schedule was accommodated easily and without problems, and we transited the canal both ways with virtually no waiting. How you organized this one can only speculate but was much appreciated by owner and crew of the MEDUSE. I highly suggest FELIX as the agency to deal with canal formalities for any yacht transiting the area.
Best wishes to Nagib, Said, and all the staff at Felix. We hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Capt. Ron Chace